Let’s transform our economy together

Our mission is to solve major environmental and societal issues by deploying innovative and high-performance financial solutions. We channel large-scale capital flows into high-potential impact sectors to accelerate the profound and sustainable transformation of the economy.
Fondaction Asset management is:
  • An impact-driven manager that pushes the boundaries of financial innovation by deploying unique investment funds in untapped, high-potential sectors
  • A subsidiary of Fondaction, leader in sustainable finance with a track record of over 25 years
  • A global approach that includes the acceleration, expansion and scaling of existing investment funds and the creation of new high-impact funds

Our approach

Identify systemic social and environmental issues

Develop innovative financial solutions

Attract and deploy significant amounts of capital

Generate measurable impacts and contribute to solutions

Funds generating impact

Fondaction Asset management manages specialized funds in fields such as energy efficiency, soil conservation and circular economy.

Its funds finance innovative companies and projects that generate market returns and positive, measurable environmental and social benefits.


Turnkey vehicle in energy efficiency, enabling GHG emission reductions in Canada.

  • • Developed in 2020 in partnership with Econoler
  • • Enables companies to increase their profitability and competitiveness by reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions
  • • Partners: Fondaction, Econoler, le Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles du Québec, Canada Infrastructure Bank, Fiera Private Debt and Desjardins Global Asset Management

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Carbon finance fund that invests in GHG emission reduction projects in North America.

  • • Developed in 2017 in partnership with Priori-T Capital
  • • Canada's first carbon finance fund, and one of the few in the world
  • • Partners: Fondaction and Priori-T Capital

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Fonds économie circulaire

Venture capital fund that supports innovative companies in circular economy in Quebec.

  • • Developed in 2021 in partnership with Recyc-Québec and the City of Montreal
  • • First venture capital fund of its kind in Canada to support the emergence of SMEs adopting business practices rooted in circular economy
  • • Partners: Fondaction, la Ville de Montréal, Recyc-Québec, La Fondation de l’Université Concordia et le Fonds Climat du Grand Montréal

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LCC Fund

Growth capital fund that invests in Quebec companies offering innovative climate solutions to reduce GHG emissions.

  • • Developed in 2019 in partnership with Priori-T Capital